Metal O Rings

Metal O Rings

Over the years, Kwality Products have gained a reputation among the top-notch Metal O Rings Manufacturers in Pune. These rings are mainly used for providing a sealing option for high pressure/temperature applications that require minimal spring back. These are made-up from tubing consisting of stainless steel or high temperature alloys such as Inconel that further offer resilient properties. We have seals produced in rectangular and other shapes and sizes, as per the need of a specific application with limitations only on the corner radii. System pressure, temperature limits/durations, available seating load are a few points you need to determine for specifying the proper ring.

Types Of Metal O Rings We Have:

  • Non-Vented Rings (OI & OE): These are best for handling, lower pressure and helpful in avoiding ingress of the media into the seal.
  • Internally (OVI) Or Externally (OVE) Vented O Rings: Useful for higher pressure and the seal is also energized by the system pressure, despite the seating load.
  • Spring-Energized Metal O Ring: OSI is for internal pressure and OSE for external pressure, both can handle extreme low leakage at moderate pressures.
  • Gas-Filled Metal O Ring: Suitable for high temperature and high-pressure applications. Available in OGI and OGE both the designs, out of which, OGI is best for internal pressure and OGE is for external ones.

Benefits Of Metal O Rings:

  • No smearing or retightening
  • Cause no structural damage since no torque is used while tightening
  • Metal O Ring for Internal And External Pressure both are available
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